The treatment of skin tumours

Skin tumours are the most frequently diagnosed type of malignant cancers among people.

 Most skin tumours constitute the non-melanoma ones, i.e., basal cell carcinoma and spinocellular carcinoma. In a pathogenesis of the two tumours, the most crucial factor, in terms of the risk of their development, is a chronic exposure to the ultraviolet radiation, rarer to chemical substances.

Malignant melanoma this tumour originates from melanocyte cells (the pigmented ones) that have a significant ability to create distant metastases. In most cases melanoma derives from pigmented moles, thus, periodic, preventive examination of all the moles at the dermatologic surgery is of paramount importance, since it helps to detect the early symptoms of cancer transformation.

The most common method of skin tumour treatment is a surgical excision with the preservation of a margin of healthy tissue. The operation is performed under local anaesthesia, the wound is sutured surgically after a careful approximation of its edges, afterwards a sterile dressing is placed. After 7-10 days the sutures are removed.


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