The treatment of sexually transmitted diseases

We offer both consultations and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. A many years’ clinical and ambulatory experience enables us to provide you a wide spectrum of services in the field of venerology. We deal with diagnostics as well as treatment of venereal diseases.

The treatment of sexual organs’ changes The range of dermatoses concerning internal sexual organs is extremely wide and includes many diverse disease entities. Below, we present a characteristics of the most frequently developing and treated diseases with symptoms in the area of internal sexual organs, which are treated in our centre.

  • Genital warts – are a very common form of Humanpapilloma virus (HPV) infection, they grow in a form of flesh-coloured papules, sometimes may reach a big size resembling cauliflower-like structures. They are the source of a partner’s infection during sexual contacts. The treatment of pointed condyloma includes the application of local preparations that have a suppressive effect on the cells of the virus, cryosurgical methods, electrocoagulation, laser therapy (CO2 laser) and surgical treatment. The particular choice of an appropriate method is made after taking into consideration the following factors: the size of the change, the number of the pathological changes, localization and the previously applied methods of treatment.
  • Pearly penile papules – appear as numerous, small papular changes, pearly or flesh-coloured, arranging themselves circumferrentially around the base of the glans of a penis, frenulum and coronal sulcus. The changes tend to be rather mild and their removal is performed due to cosmetic reasons. When removing hirsuties coronae glandis in Laser Clinic we apply laser therapy by means of a CO2 laser. Our experience proves that this method is the most effective form in the therapy of such a type of lesions.

We offer professional help in terms of diagnostics and treatment of other, common diseases of internal sexual organs in our clinic. In therapy of the above mentioned dermatological diseases appearing on sexual organs we use both standard therapeutic methods, including local and general treatment, as well as those from surgical dermatology such as: laser therapy, cryotherapy, and classic surgery.


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