The removal warts

Viral warts – are frequently appearing, infectious, bumpy changes, having verrucous, hyperkeratotic surface, caused by different types of Human Pappilomavirus (HPV). They appear at every age, but most often older children suffer from them.

The changes can be single or appear as a group of numerous eruptions spreading as a result of an autoinfection. The localization of the changes is diverse, and depends on where the virus situated itself and the type of causing virus, thus one can differentiate: common warts, flap warts and the plantar ones. Since there exists a high risk of: infectiousness as well as autoinfection leading to numerous pathological changes, warts require removal. An early beginning of treatment contributes to a better effectiveness and the less intense ailment after the treatment.

In our view, among a wide spectrum of the suggested therapeutic methods, the most recommended one is evaporation of the changes by means of a CO2 laser, as it is highly effective. The method allows to control the depth of the removed change, which gives an opportunity to achieve a complete recovery just after the first treatment. In some cases, after a few weeks, there might appear a need of the treatment’s repetition.


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