Hair loss treatment, improvement in the condition of hair

The reason of hair loss is best determined during a specialist dermatological consultation, when we take into consideration the results of various laboratory investigations. The problem of hair loss concerns many people, however the fact remains that it can be prevented, and one can significantly improve the condition of hair by means of non-surgical methods.

Apart from the treatment of a direct cause of hair loss, it appears that mesotherapy applied on the hairy skin of the head has got a very beneficial effect. It is based on the administration of mineral preparations, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory medicine in the form of injections, which significantly improves hair nourishing and stops its loss. The treatments proved to be effective in a therapy of the following dermatological problems: hair loss, drug-induced hair loss, hair loss in men, hair thinning due to ageing or a past disease. The above mentioned therapies are extremely beneficial in terms of the improvement in the condition of weak, dull, dry, and slow growing hair.


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