The treatment of rosacea

Acne rosacea is a chronic, relatively frequently occurring disease, which is characterised by erythematous eruptions, both follicular and pustular, but above all, it appears on a face’s skin, and is especially present in a central part of a face.

The disease concerns mature people, mostly women. The changes are typically localized in the nose, cheeks, forhead and chin area. The characteristic feature of acne rosacea is the existence of a transient, paroxysmal erythema in an initial stage, and later erythema perstans.

Because of a multifactorial mechanism of the disease, the treatment of acne rosacea should be multidirectional. Apart from traditional methods, medical treatments play a vital role in the therapy, and can be in a aesthetic dermatology clinic. Our centre offers a wide range of treatments whose aim is, above all, the reduction of erythema’s intensity, as well as minimasation of a number of dilated blood vessels.