The treatment of rhinophyma

Rhinophyma is a chronic condition, leading to significant cosmetic defects.

It is the most advanced stage of acne rosacea and means hypertrophy of sebaceous adenoma, dilation of blood vessels, and proliferation of a connective tissue. Rhinophyma may contribute to a significant emotional discomfort since it causes deformational changes of a face’s structure during the course of the disease. CO2 laser therapy is one of the most frequently applied and safest recommended methods in treating rhinophyma. The treatment is performed under local anaesthesia, and entails the evaporation of proliferated tissues by means of a laser beam. After the treatment it is necessary to apply prophylactically general and local antibiotic therapy and to place a sterile dressings onto a wound. A complete healing of the wound is usually observed after about 4 weeks. It is recommended not to be exposed to ultraviolet radiation, as well as to apply preparations protecting against UV radiation.


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