The treatment of hyperhidrosis.

The hyperhidrosis (the excessive perspiration) is associated with giving off, by some people, much more sweat than it is needed to control the body temperature. The local hyperhidrosis concerns mostly the feet, hands and armpits.

The hyperhidrosis may be a serious cosmetic problem and negatively affect the lives of patients suffering from this affliction. It becomes especially uncomfortable when the methods commonly used to avoid an increase perspiration stop being effective. In our surgeries – in the treatment of hyperhidrosis – we are using the preparation of botulinum toxin under the trade name Botox Ž. Injected into the body regions affected by hyperhydrosis, the product is blocking the action of nerves supplying the sweat glands, reducing their secretory activity. The treatment effect is maintained for several months.

The rules of conduct after the treatment:The blockade of nerve endings under the influence of the preparation of botulinum toxin lasts for 6-12 months.
The effect of the treatment, observed for several months, disappears in the end and there is a need to repeat the procedure. The next procedure may be performed at
the time of symptom recurrence, which occurs after an average of 7-12 months.

Contraindications to the use of botulinum toxin:

  • Diseases with disorders of neuro-muscular conductance
  • Hypersensitivity to the active substance botulinum neurotoxin
  • Therapy with some drugs (the patient is asked about their use before the procedure with botulinum toxin)
  • Skin infections at the site of injections
  • Pregnancy, lactation


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