The removal of pigmented naevi

Pigmented naevi constitute a mild proliferation of melanocytes, e.i. cells producig melanin – pigment- in epidermis and dermis. Most of pigmented moles are only mild changes, which do not require treatment, and should be periodically examined by a dermatologist, where they are assessed in magnification by a dermoscope.

This type of changes is removed: when there exists a suspicion of a doctor that the change can turn into a malicious tumour, or a patient wishes himself/herself the change due to aesthetic reasons. The indication to regular, annual dermatological observation are atypical (displastic) naevi, described on a basis of a clinical picture as asymmetrical ones, having irregular edges, with uneven spread of pigment, textured, with uneven surface, being of a bigger size, exceeding 5 mm. Those naevi should be surgically removed.


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